What is the height clearance in the garages?

In the parking garages Oldehove and Oosterstraat the maximum vehicle height is 2.20 meters. The parking garages Hoeksterend and Zaailand can accommodate vehicles with a maximum height of 2.10 meters. In the parking garage Klanderij the maximum vehicle height is 2 meters even.

The signage on the route to the garage of my choice indicates that it is ‘Full’. Should I go there anyway?

When ‘Full’ is indicated, it does not necessarily mean you cannot get in. Vehicles are constantly leaving and freeing up parking spaces. It may however take longer before you are able to enter the garage.

Are the garages accessible to motorcycles?

Motorcycles may not be parked in our garages. This is due to the fact that the induction loops embedded under the floor surface do not recognize motorcycles because of their low mass. In this case the barrier will not open or, if it does, will close prematurely. The later situation increases the risk of damage or injury if the motorcycle or rider comes into contact with the barrier.

You want to pick up your car, but the garage is locked!

If you are parked in the Klanderij, HoeksterendOldehove or the Oosterstraat gaining access to garage and departing after hours is always possible with a valid parking ticket.

All garages have a ticket reader situated next to the entrance. Hold the parking ticket approxametly 10 cm from the ticket reader with the barcode facing the infra red sensor. The door will open automatically.

The garages Klanderij and the Hoeksterend also have card readers by the vehicular entrance. Subscribers should hold their pass in front of the eP-logo chip reader. Important: always take your parking ticket or subscription pass with you. Do not leave it in your car. If problems arise, push the intercom button on the card reader or call 058-2128005 extension 1.

General Information

In March 2011, the completely renovated Zaailand garage was reopened. This garage, along with the Oldehove garage, is amongst the most highly recommended parking accommodations in the Netherlands.

Both garages are spacious, well lit and decorated in user friendly colours.

For additional information concerning Parkeer Garages Leeuwarden please phone 058-2128005.